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I'm Awake! Now What?

I’m your host Krista Xiomara and this podcast was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday I sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment and personal development. My hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey. Follow this podcast on Instagram @ianwpodcast

Jul 26, 2020

Hello Sweet Souls and welcome back to Week 4 of the podcast Summer Series with your host Krista Xiomara, who has created a free 8-Week learning course called "Releasing Religion, Inner Healing, and Coming Home to Yourself." Week 4 centers around the process of Inner Healing, by way of facilitating self-healing and finding healing from external sources if available to you. We require healing both from the trauma and wounding of our religious experiences and the trauma and wounding we incur by leaving.
This week my focus is to help you experience inner healing and to ask for what you need from those who have wounded you. Healing sometimes is a singular process and cannot be a shared experience. I also help you address how to find healing, when you are doing it alone.
  • Self-Healing
  • Familial Healing
  • Religious Healing
  • Forgiveness & Inner Healing
  • Transmuting & Transforming Healing
Please head over to the podcast YouTube Channel for a video production of this podcast episode and follow along with Krista Xiomara's powerpoint presentation. Podcast Listeners and YouTube Subscribers are encouraged to participate in the weekly journal entries and prompts. To share your participation and reflections you can send your message to the podcast at or DM your host @ianwpodcast on Instagram.