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I'm Awake! Now What?

I’m your host Krista Xiomara and this podcast was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday I sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment and personal development. My hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey. Follow this podcast on Instagram @ianwpodcast

Nov 24, 2019

This week I sit down with Spiritual Entrepreneur, Author, Women's Mentor and Advocate Ayesha Hilton. Ayesha describes what it was like to grow up in a Buddhist community in India and how that's impacted her spiritual experience. Ayesha talks about how she loves to hold sacred space for others and hold up a mirror for other's to help them see their own brilliance. Ayesha is passionate about helping women come back into their feminine power, removing self-judgement, building confidence and finding inner peace. 

To find out more about Ayesha, head over to her website or follow her on Instagram @ayesha_hilton

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