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I'm Awake! Now What?

I’m your host Krista Xiomara and this podcast was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday I sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment and personal development. My hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey. Follow this podcast on Instagram @ianwpodcast

Jul 24, 2022

This week I am joined by James Ross, shaman, spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. James recounts finding his spiritual gift and setting off on the path of a shaman. He shares the reality of confronting what is hurting within, doing the hard work and creating long term healing. He comically expresses what it means to learn the same spiritual lesson more than once and how we can learn to come back into alignment quickly. To find out more about James and work with him head over to his website and follow him on Instagram @iamjamesross and @highvibetribeoffical

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