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I'm Awake! Now What?

I’m your host Krista Xiomara and this podcast was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday I sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment and personal development. My hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey. Follow this podcast on Instagram @ianwpodcast

Jul 12, 2020

Hello Sweet Souls!! This week marks the 100th episode of I'm Awake! Now What? Podcast in which case where ever this episode finds you join us in celebrating this important milestone in the history of the podcast!!!


Welcome back to Week 2 of the Summer Series: "Releasing Religion, Inner Healing, and Coming Home to Yourself" with your host Krista Xiomara Week 2 is all about Doubt and Walking Away from your religion of origin. Krista Xiomara discusses the process of beginning to doubt what you are taught and how questioning is a healthy step in the process of walking away. She navigates the listeners through examples of how doubt began to arise in her religious experience. She shares a wounding story that took her away from herself and how this particular moment in her church community taught her to be dishonest in the face of a community that was preaching honesty in parallel. This is one of many contradictions she would confront in her life with Catholicism. She provides practical steps to walk away, ideas for what kind of support you may need and reminds the listener to trust themselves along the whole process. Please head over to YouTube for a video production of this episode and follow along with Krista Xiomara's powerpoint presentation


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